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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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hall. >> reporter: it is, raj. i talked to him. he said he had a meeting scheduled with the mayor here today at city hall before this deadly officer involved shooting and it turned out to be his last meeting as chief. the mayor says while he has great respect for the chief and while she have sur made progress in reforming the department, it's not fast enough. recent officer-involved shootings under his command raised questions about the use of force. as a result, the mayor asked the chief to resign and he says suhr submitted that resignation. >> the progress that we've made has been meaningful. but it hasn't been fast enough not for me, and not for greg. that's why i have asked the chief for his resignation. and in the best interests of the city that he loves so much, he tendered his resignation early today despite the political rhetoric of the past few weeks,
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i have nothing but profound admiration for greg. he's a true public servant and he'll always have respect from me. >> reporter: the mayor made that announcement with the president of the police commission and the deputy chief tony chaplain by his side, naming chaplain acting chief of police. he worked in the mission and care develop districts and in the policing bureau. the part of the department that focuses on accountability and transparency. the mayor says now the goal is to work on public trust and reform. it's a big announcement and a change of direction. just last week the mayor said he supported greg suhr. you can see a small crowd of protesters here at city hall. they came after the officer-involved shooting to call for the mayor to fire the chief. now that the chief is gone, we'll see what happens. now, we do have a statement from the frisco five. that's the group that went on a hunger strike calling for the firing. that statement says we know the
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power of the people made this happen. we have won this battle but the war is not yet over. so, again, the mayor asked the chief of police to resign. he's submitted that resignation. the president of the police commission tells me, he looks forward to working with the new chief but has nothing but respect and add miles an hour facial for greg sur. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle. nbc news. john avalos, eric march, jane kim and david campos demanded a national search be conducted for a chief saying they've lost confidence in suhr's -- scott wiener released a statement saying i continue to have confidence in and enormous respect for greg suhr. i will look forward to working with the interim police chief to make our city safer for all. a lifelong -- too many
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controversial incidents for greg suhr. the deadly shooting the final straw apparently for mayor lee. the shooting was this morning in the bayview district. here's the map at the intersection of al myra and schaaf ner. an unarmed black woman was killed by a sergeant. christie smith has more on that story. >> reporter: raj, before coming here, the chief was standing in the bay view district talking with reporters about that fatal shooting this morning. there were many questions like whether there were any weapons in the car. at that point he didn't know. he came here and the mayor asked him to step down. >> it's always ail tragedy any time anybody is shot. >> hours before his resignation, san francisco police chief greg suhr answered questions about a woman shot and killed by the police near the bay view district. >> uniformed officers were working a stolen auto grant recovery project. they came across the stolen
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vehicle. they exited their vehicle to engage the suspect. one occupant in the car. a black female. >> he says the woman crashed the car about 100 feet away and originally did not comply. there are still a number of questions, though. but suhr says one witness described a back and forth and a sergeant fired. >> this is exactly the thing that we're trying with all of our reforms and everything else to avoid. >> the shooting came in the wake of police reforms, a federal review and scrutiny at the department after a number of high-profile shootings. >> my first reaction is i wanted to cry. another life. another life. nothing happened. they don't care. >> christina gutierrez is one of the frisco five who went on a hunger strike looking for the police chief to resign or be fired. >> they're responsible. >> reporter: at least one member of the frisco five told us earlier today that she has planned to come here to the
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steps of city hall until, in her words, she saw justice. but it's unclear if she will still be coming. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you. background for today. this is the third in the last six months. last month two officers shot and killed a homeless man who they say swung at them with a knife in the mission district. other witnesses dispute that claim. in december, five officers shot and killed mario woods who was also allegedly carrying a knife. that's surveillance video. the critics believe the officers used excessive force and that the officers were never in any real danger. during his 30 years on the force, suhr has had run ins with controversy. he allegedly conspired to cover up an investigation involving off had-duty officers who booet beat up april man. all charges connected to what was known as fajita gate were dropped.
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he was demoted to captain after failing to file a report. two years later, he was elected as the chief. march of last year, the racist text controversy came to light. in june of this year, suhr drew criticism for not clearing a backlog of rape kits. he later reversed that position. >> there are a lot of liars to the story. let's bring in andrew who has been covering city hall and sfpd for years. >> tumultuous day for the police. what do you think will be his lasting legacy? >> reporter: i think he's a legacy of a survivor. he's outlasted so many issues, from fajita gate as you mentioned and the text messaging scandal and through it all, he seemed to be like teflon. he emerged without a scratch. and yet, we see now that this
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final issue was enough to bring him down. >> jackson, we can rehash greg suhr, we'll do it for days and weeks to come. coming in, the acting chief, tony chaplain, you've dealt with him for several years. can he handle the pressure and the politics of this job? what does he bring to the table? >> reporter: i think he can, actually. he's been a veteran gang investigator and he's handled many conflicts, gang investigations. but his rapid rise through the ranks after that has been quite astounding. he moved pretty quick. most recently the deputy chief in administration. he was the commander over investigations. he's handled a lot of complicated and sensitive matters. perhaps he will be able to step in and act quickly. >> let's talk about the fallout both in terms of the protesters. will this be enough to appease them and bring peace to the city. they're saying they -- that this is just the beginning of the battle. also, with the rank and file.
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fallout for them with today's shooting and how does the rest of the department deal with greg suhr being ousted? >> reporter: you know, he was -- he was a strong proponent for the force. he'd always said that if there were a few bad apples that somehow implicated the entire didn't. i think that that's going to -- that's a mixed message. it's difficult to make, especially when you continue to have these officer-involved shootings that raise all sorts of questions. i think tony chaplain is a fresh face and can provide a new perspective on that having dealt with a lot of sensitive investigations as gang investigator. >> jackson van der beck live at city hall. all those years of avoiding and surviving the controversies for the chief, no longer. he's replaced by tony chaplain. thank you, jackson. let's go back. he was 35-year veteran. selected as the 42nd police chief in 2011. born and raised in san
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francisco. greg suhr, 57 years old and no longer the police chief. >> there's a lot more to this. our coverage of this shakeup continues online. you'll find mayor lee's entire statement from that big announcement this afternoon. all right, let's turn it over to the mystery over the mediterranean. the passenger plane plunged into the sea and terrorism may be responsible. searchers have yet to find confirmed debris from the flight. the plane crashed into the water carrying 66 passengers and crew. the flight from paris to cairo. investigators say the plane made an abrupt turn abdomen dropped steeply, suddenly disappearing from the radar. american intelligence officials believe there may have been been explosion. the question is, was it a bomb? relatives of the people on board are gathered at a hotel in paris waiting for updates. if you can imagine, a horrible and emotional time for them as the frantic search for that aircraft continues. now, that egypt air crash has ties to people living here in the bay area.
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laura malpert spoke with a woman who went to school with a woman aboard the flight. she joins us with that woman's story. laura? >> reporter: jessica, she moved to the bay area 11 years ago from cairo. when she heard the plane was missing, she knew she probably knew someone on board. rashad found out about egypt air flight 804's disappearance when family and friends bombarded her with texts last night. >> if you know anyone on the plane. the paris/cairo route is a popular route, especially this time of year. >> turns out, rashad says she was friends with 36-year-old when they were both students at the american university in ca o cairo. he was bliefd to be on the plane with his mom, dad and his wife. rashad doesn't want to speculate about what caused the plane to go down. but she says this. >> no matter how you look at it, it's going to be bad.
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>> reporter: they leave behind two young daughters, an infant and 4-year-old. >> my heart goes out to them. i don't know what to say. there's nothing that makes up for this. >> he owned a textile business in cairo and was very well-liked. >> very good man. you see the outpour of people talking about him now and speaking of him. this was a nice young family. >> reporter: their extended family, she says, has invited friends and relatives over to honor those they lost. >> the families have already moved to set up prayers and members are already grieving. thoughts are going out to children. >> reporter: rashad says she doesn't know what will happen to the infant and the 4-year-old left behind. but she says egyptian families usually come together and take care of their own. reporting live from pleasanton, laura malpert, nbc bay area news. >> these are already here. they're established.
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>> a fight over olive trees. south bay city says they need to go and what neighbors are doing to keep the trees. i'm jodi hernandez in saah lan owe county where a victim's attorney is demanding to know why a man accused of pulling off a shocking and bizarre kidnapping still hasn't been fully charged. i'll have exclusive details coming up. good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a much colder 63 in pleasanton. currently 58 in hayward. we're not only tracking the cooler temperatures but the chance of rainfall. my forecast in a few minutes. we're following a major
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development in san francisco. in the past 90 minutes we've learned that embattled chief of police greg suhr has resigned after months of as many. major development in san francisco. in the past 90 minutes, we've learned that chief suhr has been forced to resign after a meeting with the mayor this afternoon. months of protests before this and today's final straw, another deadly police shooting in the bayview of an african-american woman. mayor ed lee made that announcement just before 5:00 saying he had asked greg suhr to resign and received the police chief's resignation after 35 years on the force. reaction now pouring in. we have multiple crews on the story. we're going to take you back to city hall in less than 15 minutes for more. a new push for justice in a bizarre kidnapping case. the man accused of victimizing a
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young couple still hasn't been charged in many of the alleged crimes. jodi hernandez is there this evening. this is a high-profile case. what's the delay here? already that's a good question, raj. an attorney for one of the victims says aaron quinn and denise huskins are bewildered that the suspect still has not been fully charged. tonight, the district attorney is under new pressure to act. >> the kind of television monster that this guy is, is very rare. >> that's how aaron quinn's attorney describes the man who victimized his client and his client's girlfriend, denise huskins. >> he's a harvard lawyer who is a rapist and a kidnapper and a poisoner. it seems to me that no one is holding him accountable. >> matthew muller who investigators say attacked quinn and huskins in their vallejo
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home in march of last year has been indicted by the u.s. attorney on kidnapping charges. but so far neither the feds nor the state charged him with rape or any crimes related to aaron quinn. >> that's insane. the system that should be in place to protect them and guard their interests don't seem to be doing a very good job. >> reporter: attorney daniel russo says he and his law partner sent a letter to the district attorney urging her to charge muller and pursue a life sentence. >> it only recently came to my attention that the charges did not include all charges for both victims. >> district attorney krish that abrams has met with the couple and is in the process of obtaining all the reports and reviewing the evidence before making a decision. >> we want to make sure there's justice for all victims. >> i don't think this guy should ever be among us. this is a scary human being.
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>> reporter: again, the d.a. needs to fully review the case before deciding whether or not to file charges. no word how long that's going to take. reporting live in solano county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> nank you, jodi. people may an incredible amount of money to live entree-lined streets. why is the city of san jose trying to spend money to take the trees out? the city says they're a liability. but neighbors aren't buying it. >> after learning about the city's plans to remove 200 olive trees. >> i think it's wrong. >> neighbors, like debra, are in the pits. she and more than 100 other people from the area have signed a petition to save the 35-year-old trees which line five blocks of monterrey road. they say taking them out would expose the yar to more graffiti. >> i don't see a reason to take them out. they're not bothering anybody. >> the trees do bothersome
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neighbors. they preferred not going on camera but told us they've slipped and fallen on the olives. >> it's unsafe and not something we want to allow, let alone promote. >> every year the city receives a handful of complaints from walkers, commuters and cyclists. >> ultimately, they choose to prefer riding out in the lane of traffic versus staying in the bike lane. >> he says landscapers can't keep up with the falling fruit. they set aside $70,000 to replace them with gingkos and maples. trees that aren't so fruitful. >> we don't want to remove trees. if we had an opportunity to preserve the trees and maintain a safe environment in the area, we would absolutely be doing that. >> i don't think it's that much of a problem. >> neighbors aren't giving up and are extending an olive branch to the city. >> help keep it swept up. sweep it and take turns. >> okay. so now the city is considering keeping some 60 trees.
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they're set a little farther back and don't drop olives on the sidewalk or the road. the final decision about the olive trees will be made next friday. let's turn our attention to the chief meteorologist jeff ranie ranieri. we're talking the r-word and now it's on our doorstep. >> that's rainfall. let's clarify that. it's not going to be a big storm system. but we'll get a few drops within the next two days. as we look now, the major story has been the colder temperatures. check this out. san francisco, 6 degrees cooler. you add some cooling yesterday. just kind of dropped down even more. it was back in the interior valleys where we dropped 18 degrees in concord. 24 in livermore. and down 17 in san jose. either way you look at it, a huge departure from those low 90s we had earlier this week. the fog at the immediate coastline will combine with this area of low pressure dropping to the south to give us a possibility of rainfall. for tomorrow morning, best
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chance of spotty showers will be the south bay and 52 degrees. clouds increase throughout the region and kwooel start with low 50s. by the afternoon, bis chance of any rainfall developing will be the north bay as we go for a high of 69 degrees and a much cooler 67 expected in the tri-valley. what i want to do now is advance this story into the best possibility of rainfall at all, period. it looks like it's going to be saturday morning around 10:00 with some scattered rain to the north bay, east bay and also for the south bay. we'll likely see the chance of this continuing until 1:30 on saturday with maybe some isolated thunderstorms developing. so, again, as the storm moves in, we've seen this 15 to about 25 degrees temperature dropment looking for the chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. that happening on friday with the best chance on saturday. about 25 minutes we're tracking the possibility of sierra snow. i'll let you know how much we can expect across interstate 80 and highway 50 later on. >> a lot of changes coming our way.
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thank you, jeff. >> we're back in a moment. no help from the fans. this
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getting a lot of buzz on twitter: video of the warriors star steph curry -- diving into the happening now, no help from the fans. getting a lot of buzz on the twitter feed. steph curry diving into the crowd during the playoff game. but instead of trying to cushion his fall, fans sitting courtside jumped away. he suffered a welt on his elbow. on our home page, tim tebow the author. the ex--nfl player and former heisman winner releasing a book how to handle success and disappointment. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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california .. twice. those who want to get rid of the death penalty ve the death penalty will be on the november ballot here in california. it's going to be on twice actually. those who want to get rid of it altogether have already put it on the ballot. as of today, those who want to keep it and change it. >> scott budman is live in san mateo. you have two different forces working in opposition with each other here. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, jessica. both sides of the issue say the death penalty is not working as it stands in california. those who want to keep it say they have a way to improve the process. each a group that wants to keep the death penalty says it's currently flawed. >> it's broken. we recognize it's not working. >> the californians for death penalty reform and savings campaign led by san mateo county district attorney steve wag staff collected the signatures needed for a ballot initiative. the goal? speed up the process by
6:26 pm
expanding the pool of defense attorneys to handle death penalty cases. and save taxpayers money by, among other things, performing executions in more places. >> has to be at san quentin. this changes that. they can be -- the department of corrections can put wherever they deem appropriate and yes double cell them and put them with other murderers out there. >> ultimately, this will go to the voters. a random sam whomg are not so sure about speeding the process up. >> i would have thought one of the big worries about death penalty at all is the possibility for error, convicting the wrong person. >> or keeping the death penalty. >> i'd like to get rid of the death penalty and anything that would help i would support. >> reporter: there will, in fact, be two measures on the ballot this november for us californians to vote on. again, one to abolish the death penalty and one to change it. reporting live in san mateo,
6:27 pm
scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. we continue to follow that breaking news. the shakeup in the police department in san francisco. t forced resignation of police chief greg suhr. we'll take you where protesters are making new demands. closure for a familiar i whose loved one was sent to prison. i'm damian trujillo, the emotional testimony is coming up next. enough, not for me and not for
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greg. runs: 10 ==jess/cont vo== the progress that we made has been meaningful, but it hasn't been fast enough. not for me and not for greg. right now at 6:30, mayor leah announcing that he asked
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for resignation of police chief greg suhr. the former police chief forced out after mounting pressure from protesters. that resignation came hours after another deadly officer-involved shooting in the city. >> san francisco politics is treacherous and we're seeing it in real time time. suhr's resignation a direct result of an officer involved shooting involving a black woman. christie smith continues the breaking coverage from city hall. what's the reaction there at this hour? >> reporter: raj, i can tell you that a small group has gathered in front of the san francisco city hall. you can see them there in the distance. some of them speaking with reporters. they're talking about the announcement for mayor ed lee and how he stood by him. not everyone is pleased. they also wanted more of a say in who would replace him, at least in the interim. tony chaplain will be the acting
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chief. he has served in the department for 26 years. the activists here have been calling for suhr's resignation. there have been a number of high-profile police shootings. here's what one activist had to say. >> it's a horrible disaster. the text scandal, the homophobic comments, that he sat on. we can't just move someone up and put him in his place. we want a short list of the possible candidates which probably need to come outside the community. >> reporter: now, i also saw at least one san francisco supervisor out there speaking a little bit with the crowd and reporters, my colleague, jean elle is over there and she will have the latest details tonight at 11:00. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you, christie. >> tony chaplain is in. he's the interim chief.
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he's deputy chief of add mrngs. but lots of years he worked on gang task force investigating gang violence. you can find mayor ed lee's entire statement online. you made us suffer from grief. why did you do this? we loved you very much. >> he was called a coward in open court today for killing his cousin who is the mother of three. many learned the price he'll have to pay for his crime. the family of the victim spoke in court today before the judge sent him to prison. nbc bay area's damian trujillo has been covering this case for the last two years and joins us this evening from san jose. damian? >> reporter: raj, it was hard to find a dry eye in the courtroom. he is on his way to state prison. but not before he got an earful from the victim's daughters, husband and -- >> he sat with his waist and
6:33 pm
ankles shackled forced to look at a pictures of the woman he -- >> the family went after the admitted murderer. first in a letter from her husband. >> i feel you should know you are not a man. you're a coward. a criminal that left three young girls without their mother. >> in the midst of a sobbing courtroom, a letter from her twin and daughters. >> my family and i are really sad about my mom's death. i miss her up to the stars. >> he pled guilty to killing his cousin two years ago. no motive was ever revealed. today he listened bout expression, tapping his foot throughout the testimony. >> heidi or tez was teresa's niece. >> their mom won't be there the day they graduate from high school, watch them walk down the aisle. >> it was hard and nerve racking. i kept putting off the emotions for two years and all of a sudden it comes back. >> never forget that day.
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>> translator: he says he's not one to forgive. the widower says forgiveness can only come from above. >> why did you do this? we loved you very much. >> gabriel was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. he chose not to speak in open court today. the victim's husband says he's now struggling with his two daughters to survive on a gardner's salary. >> i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. an update to a story from our investigative unit we first brought you on tuesday regarding drinking water. the epa set a lifetime health advisory level for exposure to toxic chemicals that were once found in firefighting foam. the impact of this is drinking water systems in california that recently found the chemical at levels the government says could potentially be dangerous. two of the systems in southern california.
6:35 pm
the others chico, sacramento and lay tlop, south of stockton. the foam was used at airports, military bases. the government is concerned that the toxins once found in the foam are contaminating water sources throughout the country. they are linked to cancer and developmental delays. they're advising water districts with high levels of this toxin two conduct further tests and consult with the state water board. they want your money. the public utilities commission wants utilities to dedicate money to prevent fire sparked by power lines. regulators drawn up a map of areas at highest risk. they left out a county devastated by a power line fire last year. here's jackson van der beck en. >> this is the devastating scene from last fall after the butte fire killed two people and destroyed 900 structures.
6:36 pm
the billion dollar fire is the seventh worst in state history. it is being blamed on a drought stressed tree hitting a power pole. it left 70,000 acres in ruins and a community devastated. >> it tore apart our community and it also brought together our community at the same time. because we all work together to help the victims. >> reporter: the fire would seem to be proof enough of the peril of power line sparked fires in the mountain community. but in this map, the butte fire boundaries shaded in purple are actually marked green for low risk on a color-coded system intended to guide prevention efforts. the green color has supervisor cliff edison seeing red. >> why wouldn't our county be included? that would be the question. >> state senator jerry hill is asking the same question. hill has been urging the public utilities commission to do more to ensure utilities clear trees near power lines. hill says it took nine years for
6:37 pm
the regulators at the commission to finalize a brightly colored but flawed fire map. >> evidently, this is modeling and they put -- you put garbage in, you get garbage out. something was wrong in terms of the equations that they used in putting this together. >> reporter: state p.u.c. officials would not go on cam a camera. but they said the map is a first step to ease the fire risk. they say the key variables taken into consideration include winds, dry weather and vegetation density. although the community did not meet those criteria, edison hopes that regulators will reconsider. >> we have a 70,000-acre burned area. we still have a lot of area in our county that can burn. so we'd like to minimize that possibility if possible. i think the maps would help us do that. >> reporter: the five-member public utilities commission is expected to take up the matter
6:38 pm
of the map next week. i'm sam brock. a preview actually an animation of what a worst case scenario tsunami might look like in the bay area. that story coming up next on reality check. also coming up, the first uber car that doesn't need a driver. why it's being tested in pennsylvania. a driver reportedly racing at
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6:40 pm
100 miles per hour slammed into a santa rosa home. investigators say he lost control last night, near a driver reportedly racing at 100 miles an hour slammed into a santa rosa home. you're looking at it there. the driver lost control last night near franklin avenue and wright. it careened through at least two front yards before plowing into that garage. amazingly, no one was hurt. at this point, no word if drugs
6:41 pm
or alcohol were a factor in that crash. 15 years later, he's back in the headlines. former congressman gary condit is once again linked to the murder of his intern, chandra levy. she was killed in washington, d.c. in a park in 2001. six years ago, ingmar juan deek was convicted on circumstantial evidence. he'll be retried in october. his attorneys going after gary condit as a suspect. prosecutors are critical of that tactic. at guandique first trial, he said he didn't murder levy but dodged questions about their relationship. uber may be headquartered in san francisco but it's testing new technology in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. uber released a photo of the new test car. you're wondering why pittsburgh? that's where the company built the advanced technology center. pittsburgh happens to be where uber is recruiting the design
6:42 pm
team. a year ago they hired robotics experts from carnegie melon which is near pittsburgh. as we head towards the weekend, all sorts of changing weather patterns. >> what a difference a day makes. we had near 90 in the tri-valley. today in the 60s. check out the widespread cloud cover and the weather underground sky camera. 61 degrees. a chilly 64. >> the pacific ocean as a whole acts like a bathtub in a tsunami. >> where are we most prone to a tsunami? our reality check it next. area?
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6:44 pm
an earthquake here probably won't trigger a tsunami. jess/2shot but it's possible a quake from across the globe could. ==gfx== in could a tsunami strike the
6:45 pm
bay area. >> it's possible that a quake from across the globe could. in reality check, sam brock explores how geography impacts our risk of tsunami. >> the pacific ocean as a whole kind of acts like a bathtub in a tsunami. it will slosh the water back and forth. >> reporter: fears of a tsunami rocking our backyard after an earthquake across the globe are frequently discussed. but the facts frame a different reality. brian garcia, with the national weather service says the shape of the earth underwater plays a big role. >> it can actually steer the tsunami waves into certain regions. we can get impacts from those areas. >> reporter: a string of earthquakes struck ecuador in recent weeks. but the energy generally gets directed to central america. not california. >> i call it the flashlight beam. >> dr. steve ward has mapped out all the scenarios and presents another way to think about this. >> the flashlight, most energy goes forward, not much goes this
6:46 pm
way. same thing with tsunami. much of the energy goes in a particular direction. in you're on the flashlight beam, you're going to get wet. if you're not on the flashlight beam, you o probably won't. >> the closest concern is alaska. right by the a lushian islands. if that fault ruptures, here's an animation. the water is displaced at the source. down the canadian coast by vancouver and proceeds to saturate the pacific northwest before settling in the bay area. the water might even pierce the bay by the golden gate bridge. but the tsunami shouldn't do much more damage from there. >> could be enough to get in the bay. it will get in the bay to a degree. but it's not going to have any sort of impact, especially north, south bay directly across from the entrance under the golden gate. they could have some impacts there. >> aside from alaska, activity by chile and japan are the other likely pathways to a tsunami reaching our shores.
6:47 pm
but scientists say the overall risk of a damaging tsunami in the bay area is still very low. for reality check, i'm sam brock. >> good information. thank you, sam. if you want to check out the tsunami risk in your neighborhood, we put a link to the know your zone link. you can find it at check. >> let's throw things over to jeff ranieri, our meteorologist. yet another change in the weather, jeff. >> it has been quite a huge drop from low 90s yesterday in ples an toon to upper 60s today. i know you felt it out there. you can see on the microclimate forecast. not only the fog that moved in today, but this area of low pressure to the north is beginning to be with an associated cold front. that's where the best possibility of rainfall comes from. seattle and portland, they're starting to see that rain moving right now. it's a matter of hours before we see our chances increase. right now on the sky camera
6:48 pm
network, it's all about the cooler temperatures. south bay at 64 degrees. 61 in the east bay. three nights ago, we were talking about 90s at this hour. san francisco a chilly 57. the north bay at 69. through tomorrow morning, we're not going to see too much in the way of a sunny start with the fog at the immediate coastline and the approaching storm, it will be partly sunny to mostly cloudy sky and a chance here of some showers in the south bay and 52. the east bay begins at 51 and the north bay also in the low 50s. so here's the area of low pressure. next two days the system lingers across californiament for tomorrow morning, not a huge chance much showers. but a chance of scattered activity through free monts and san jose. by the afternoon, the best possibility transitions up into wine country. maybe towards middletown and calistoga. overall, a greatest chance for planning is on the first part of the weekend on saturday morning. it will be scattered in nature. we'll have the cloud cover with us. temperatures will remain cooler.
6:49 pm
we may see an isolated thunderstorm or two pop up. looks like the instability would stay to 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. totals not super impressive. maybe about .03 in san orinda. so there you have it. that's the rain chance. let's wind things back a little bit into the microclimate forecast for friday. you can see the cooler temperatures we can expect. this will put us at 69 in san jose. over towards morgan hill, 68. for the peninsula, 66 in palo alto. then at the immediate coastline heading near the beaches, bundle up. it's going to be chilly. classic late spring, early summer weather. 59 degrees in pacifica. and for san francisco, 59 in the mission. 61 in the marina. north bay, east bay and for the tri-valley, we'll keep our temperatures here in the 60s for the most part. the only exception may be napa at 70 degrees. otherwise, mill valley, 67. for the east bay, oakland, 67. and the tri-valley much, much
6:50 pm
cooler. you had the ac on earlier this week. you you don't need that tomorrow. as we round out the forecast into the weekend, we stay with these temperatures, slightly below average. for saturday, 66 in the south bay. on sunday, 70 degrees. while it's cooler with that chance of rain into the weekend forecast for us, if you are heading anywhere near the sierra, a word of warning right now. it still looks good for some snow across the higher elevations. check this out in late may. maybe 2 to 5 inches across the higher elevations. this is the higher estimate we're seeing. but i want you to be prepared if you're heading across interstate 80 or highway 50. snow in late may. unbelievable. raj and jess, back to you. >> that is unbelievable. >> late may. >> thank you, jeff. let's turn things over to colin resch outside the shark tank. jeff was talking about snow and you're talking about ice. how is it looking? >> reporter: yeah. the sharks hot on the ice right now. they stole home ice advantage,
6:51 pm
remember, tuesday night. they don't want to give it right back. a great start. we'll have the early highlights for you after this. now.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
game 3 is underway -- with the sharks looking to take the series lead. happening now, the shark tank rocking. game 3 under way. looking to take the series lead. sharks against the blues. colin resch is at the shark tank. how are we looking so far? cool to have the warriors and sharks both in the conference finals. >> reporter: both in the conference finals and both playing really well right now. the sharks snag home ice advantage on tuesday night with a dominating performance in game 2. back home tonight where they've won five straight at the sap center. let's go to the early
6:54 pm
highlights. it's one big goal that you need to see. blues have it in their own zone and they turn it over. broken up by brent burn. here come the sharks. joe thornton to pavelski to tomas hertl. after one period of play, san jose leading game 3, 1-0. we're at the first intermission. i caught up with former sharks, scott han none. he sees this team gelling at the right time. >> if the sharks are playing at their best, the final four teams left, are they the best of the four? >> in my mind they are. for sure. >> why is that? >> they got power play, they can roll four lines at you, penalty killing looks good. the big thing is power plays. you watched the game the other night, they buried it when they had to. they just missed a few. they had their chances there. if they keep doing that, they're
6:55 pm
looking in real good shape. >> this team looks like a stanley cup champion to you? >> to me, they do. hannan is right, they probably should have won game one. they win tonight and put doubt in the minds of the blues. of course, we'll be back at 11:00 with complete highlights and reaction from what we hope will be a victorious sharks locker room. reporting outside sap center, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> we need you to come back with good news for us. that's for sure. >> colin, thanks. coming up at 11:00, we continue to follow the breaking news. the forced resignation of police chief greg suhr. we'll have a live report tonight at 11:00. finally at 6:00, we had talented movers and shakers visit us here at our nbc studios today. we honored local students. robert handa, vicky nguyen, myself had the honor to spend time with these kids. it was the third annual community luncheon celebrating, asian pacific american heritage
6:56 pm
months. they're all going to be our future bosses. they shared their asian heritage through art, essays and poems. this is in partnership with the poem growing up asian in america. we always say if we had this program when we were growing up, it would be so cool. we're happy to see all these kids have the opportunity through art and poems to express their culture. >> very impressive kids. that's wonderful. so jeff, i need a sweater tomorrow. i needed a sweater today, actually. i forgot. >> 60s today. for tomorrow morning, we have the possibility of a few showers back in the south bay and 52. clouds throughout the bay area. by the afternoon, as jess was talking about, it's going to be colder. tri-valley, just 67. san francisco at 62 and the south bay at 68. the best chance of rain coming our way on saturday in the morning hours. trace amounts to about .05 of an inch. overall, a big change from earlier this week. i don't know. i like the cool weather. it's too hot too soon for me. >> he has spoken. thanks for joining us. have a great evening.
6:57 pm
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
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one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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blake shelton revealing how gwen saved his life. >> his new interview about finding love after both of their breakups, now, on "extra." blake shelton pours his heart out about gwen. >> we could not be on paper any more different. >> their unexpected hook-up. the new untold story behind the music of their new duet. donald trump's explosive new clinton slam. >> it's about groping and fondling. >> and rape. >> how far will trump go to destroy hillary? >> will it work? we'll see. >> and why megyn kelly's unleashing on the daily show's trevor noah ov


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